The Matwix

3m 2001


One night, Elmer Fudd is playing a video game where he has to shoot rabbits. He received a call from his cell phone saying that he is the chosen one and that he has to follow the rabbit to get answers. Suddenly, Bugs Bunny appeared and explained to Elmer that the world he is living is completely fake except for Bugs and two colored doughnuts he is holding. Elmer is not sure if he could eat the red doughnut which shows the reality or eating the blue to see something else, which is most likely New Jersey. After eating the red doughnut, Bugs explained to Elmer that evil gadgets rule the world and the salesmen force humans to buy all of their products. Elmer became a bit nervous but Bugs showed him a door to open and defeat the Top Salesman. The Top Salesman offered Elmer to buy the Acme Automatic Hair-Cutting Machine or the B2000 Gadgetized Galvanized Beauty Salon In A Box. Elmer initially declined, which made him quiet and get a tickle torture device from the salesman, which convinced him to buy both products with his credit card. In the end, Elmer woke up and realized it was just a dream, or was it?

Director: Steve Belfer

Genres: Animation, Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi

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