Saint Francis

1h 12m 2007


Kill What You Love--Francis Bernard is a liar, junkie, and thief whose drug use and lack of sleep is causing him to have trouble telling the difference between reality and his imagination. Francis sees visions from two separate worlds. He sees the past in color; it is filled with horrible images pulled from the tormented corners of his life. The present is bleak, a black-and-white nightmare in which Francis is a trapped medical patient suffering at the hands of a mysterious surgical team. "Saint Francis" is a twisted family drama and the story of the decline of the Bernard family starts with the death of Francis' mother 27 years before when he was 6--and watched in horror as she committed suicide. The images and sounds of his mother's death terrorize him, threatening to drive him to the same tragic destiny. As Francis' operation continues, his dreams reveal more clues as to his current condition. The dreams continue and he watches his family self-destruct. We fast forward 27 years to see what the family has become. The patriarch of the family is Dr. P. Bernard, leader of The Church Of Forever, a cult that uses late-night television evangelism to spread a gospel of science fiction. Soul Bernard, Francis' sister, is a Heidi Fleiss-like madam, brokering girls to important church members as well as her father and brother. Finally, Francis' baby brother Sid has taken over the drug business that Francis left behind, only to find himself deeply in debt to a shadowy underworld. Soul and Sid have gotten in over their heads and now owe hundreds of thousands of dollars to drug-kingpin Sniper. While Francis' brother and sister run around the city trying to collect enough money to keep Sniper at bay, Francis hides in his sister's house with her whores, watching an endless stream of Church of Forever and schlock, Alien Abduction-style TV shows. At a breaking point and needing even more drugs to deal with the visions in his head, his addiction drives him from the safe confines of his home into the world to get his fix. Francis makes arrangements to pick up more drugs at the Church Of Forever-owned club but must make a stop to get money before he can meet his connection. With no job, money, or resources, Francis breaks into the TV studio where his father, Dr. P., broadcasts the daily Church Of Forever evangelical show. After Dr P. disappears with one of Soul's hookers, Francis sneaks into his father's office and steals an envelope filled with cash. Francis meets his drug connection at the club and barely avoids seeing his brother and sister. After doing a huge amount of drugs in a bathroom stall, Francis begins to hallucinate; he sees mangled images of whores drilling into people's brains. His visions are a mix of Church Of Forever propaganda and the twisted reality of Francis' own life. Francis begins to believe that he can see Satan coming up to Earth in the form of beautiful alien angels who are punishing the sinners and banishing them to hell. After Francis' sister commits a terrible crime out of fear and greed, Francis becomes convinced that the devil is coming after her. He believes that the only way to save his sister is to make a deal with the devil trading his soul for hers so that his sister can be saved from Hell and damnation. Are Francis' visions real or imagined? Francis must complete his twisted journey to find out if he has actually killed what he loves or if it has all been a terrible dream spun on the operating table.

Director: Ezra Gould

Genres: Horror

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